Falls are a major and very common problem amongst older people.  

  • Falls remain the major cause of injury and accidental death in the over 65 age group.
  • In fact, one-third of healthy 65 year olds will have at least one fall each year.
  • 34-40% or people living in the community, over the age of 65 years, fall at least once per year
  • After the age of 80, the incidence of falls increases to 50%
  • Two thirds of these falls occur in and around the home
  • Falls in the elderly account for 40% of hospital admissions
  • Falls can result in serious injuries and can even be life-threatening
  • Loss of Balance is a major cause of falls

A quick test to tell if you have reduced balance reactions, is to see if you can stand on one leg for 10 seconds - you should be able to - if you can’t, your balance is reduced and you are of an increased risk of falling, and will benefit from a program designed to improve your balance.

Our aim is to minimize your risk of falls and injuries associated with falls, so you can remain safe and independent at home.

LifeCare Phoenix (Spearwood) offer Falls Screening, Assessments and Group Falls Prevention Exercise Classes.